Dr Sue Fowler

Dr Sue Fowler is a Senior Research Orthoptist and Co-Founder of the Dyslexia Research Trust. Dr Fowler has been studying visual dyslexia for over 30 years. In 1978, Sue was working at the Royal Berkshire Eye Clinic as an Orthoptist. The Senior Ophthalmologist, Jimmy McMillan, asked her to investigate the vision of children with reading problems to see if there was a link between their vision, eye control and reading difficulties. Sue identified from the children's descriptions of blurring, letter movement and glare, that many did indeed have visual processing problems. To help develop ways to help these children, Sue approached Prof. John Stein who was interested in both education and visual eye control.

Since Sue Fowler retired from NHS practice, she has run the DRT visual research clinics with the help of volunteers. For many years she did not take any payment for her time. Sue's very wide experience over 40 years, and her uncanny ability to identify visual problems, has enabled her to help literally thousands of children.