Priti Kashyap

Priti joined the DRT Research Clinic in April 2008. Previously Priti studied for her PhD in myopia (short sight). Whilst studying, she worked as a locum orthoptist for the NHS and as a clinical demonstrator and examiner for optometry students.

As a clinical demonstrator, Priti worked in the Dyslexia Clinic where children were assessed for coloured filters using the Meares-Irlen method. She soon discovered that there was a clear pattern; only the yellow or blue filters led children to improve their reading ability significantly. Priti also began to notice that some eye conditions such as difficulty converging eyes could be helped with these colours. Often using the filters could alleviate symptoms that would otherwise need much more complicated treatment. (Priti then discovered that her observations repeated what Sue Fowler and Prof. Stein had noted years ago!)

Priti says that she is learning so much from Sue and she thinks herself very fortunate to be able to work with such experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Priti keeps in touch with her colleagues in the NHS and tells them about our research as it may help to enhance their practice as well.