Adult Dyslexia Organisation
Run by dyslexics for adults with dyslexia. Advises, supports and empowers dyslexic adults, taking account of the special abilities and disabilities associated with dyslexia. 
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Adults Dyslexia Centre (Thames Valley)
Helps dyslexic adults gain information and improve understanding of dyslexia as well as literacy, numeracy and IT skills. Also provides employer support and awareness training. 
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Aston Dyslexia Clinic 
Provides a range of psychological assessments for dyslexia for both children and adults.
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Autism Unravelled 
Provides up to date information on known current experimental and theoretical research into the biomedical causes and treatments of autistic spectrum disorders. 
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Bangor Dyslexia Unit
Involved in teaching, screening, assessments and supporting students with dyslexia within the University. Provides information on dyslexia and research to the general public.
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British Dyslexia Association (BDA) 
The voice of dyslexic people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. One of the world's leading dyslexia organisation.
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Bristol Dyslexia Centre 
Find out more about dyslexia and famous dyslexics. Online learning/teaching system with cartoons, games, fun resources, Nessy and Silly Bull.
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Register of schools that help children with specific learning difficulties (dyslexia). 
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Dyslexia Teacher
Information and resources for teachers of children with dyslexia: teaching methods, recognizing dyslexia, assessment books, news and research.
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Dyspraxia Foundation 
A UK charity that exists to help people to understand and cope with dyspraxia. They are a resource for parents, for teenagers and adults who have the condition, and for professionals who help all of them.
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FAB Research
A research charity looking into nutrition and how it can play an important role in the prevention and management of many kinds of difficulties in behaviour, learning and mood.
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Helen Arkell Centre
Provides services for individuals with dyslexia and specific learning difficulties. Specialist teacher training for teaching young people with dyslexia, adults with dyslexia, speech and language. 
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Software for dyslexia, talking computers, text to speech synthesis, speech recognition and TextHelp. 
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International Dyslexia Association.
Formerly the Orton Dyslexia Association. Provides resources for professionals and families dealing with individuals with reading disabilities. 
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Institute for Food, Brain and Behaviour
A research charity that specialises in trying to find out what causes antisocial and criminal behaviour. Their work has shown that good nutrition, which we all need for good health, can also have a remarkably positive effect on behaviour. Professor Stein is currently undertaking research with the Institute for Food, Brain and Behaviour (formerly Natural Justice). 
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Oxfordshire Dyslexia Association (ODA)
Provides information, advice and names of specialist teachers; support for teachers, adults with dyslexia, and parents of children with dyslexia. Also advises students in employment training, further or higher education, and liaises with local education authorities over all matters related to dyslexic people and their education. 
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Oxford Study of Children's Communication Impairments 
Researches the nature and causes of communication difficulties in children, especially Specific Language Impairment. 
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Professional Association of Teachers of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties (PATOSS).  It is for all those concerned with the teaching and support of pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties: Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Attention Deficit Disorder and Aspergers Syndrome. 
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Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics
Aims to track down the genes involved in developmental dyslexia and seeks to improve understanding of genetic factors influencing dyslexia. 
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Beating Dyslexia
A comprehensive range of techniques for overcoming dyslexia with information and definitions that have been based on scientific research.
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