Private visual assessments

A private visual assessment clinic appointment can be arranged within approximately 3-4 weeks of enquiry, costing £195. 

All results and management advice are given on the day of the appointment and in detail in a written report. If special blue or yellow glasses are found to be helpful, these are provided at no extra cost.

On average our DRT tests take 1½ hours, whilst follow up appointments take about ½ an hour. We may need to reassess the child's progress at 3 monthly intervals, over the year. Each follow up appointment, which includes an assessment and follow-up report costs £20.

We also offer DRT assessments costing £195 for University and college students, and adults complaining of visual symptoms and headaches, related to close work.

Dyslexia Diagnosis Service, Support Tutoring & Workplace Consultations

We also offer a Dyslexia diagnosis service in Oxford for children and adults who require a full diagnosis of dyslexia for examination or support purposes. We charge £495 for a full dyslexia assessment, which usually take 2-4 hours. We can also offer support tutoring and workplace consultations. Please contact our Chartered Research Psychologist, Dr Anna Pitt on 01865 282260 or email for more details.