Dr Anna Pitt

Dr Anna Pitt is our in house Chartered Psychologist. She first joined John Stein as a Research Assistant, having completed her BSc in Psychology and Performing Arts, Community and Education. She then progressed to undertake a DPhil in Dyslexia Research at the University of Oxford which she completed in 2009.

Anna has a keen interest in research focusing on the auditory deficits of dyslexia, and how different levels of education impact on dyslexia.
She has a wide experience of DSA (Disability Student Allowance) support, lecturing and teaching. She works with adults, students and children helping them to fully understand their own individual form of dyslexia. She shows them how to use their own strengths, in combination with a variety of other strategies, to combat their difficulties. In helping dyslexics identify their key areas of difficulty, Anna helps them create an entirely personalised package of recommendations to assist them in their studies, or in the workplace.