Where can an adult get tested for dyslexia?

There are two types of testing available: dyslexia screening, or full assessment services. Dyslexia screening is generally a first step toward getting help by a provider of services geared to dyslexia, and is not normally expensive.

Full assessment services will give you a more complete picture of various learning issues and problems you may have. This sort of assessment is needed if you want to get special concessions and accommodations at college or at work. Full assessments are more expensive, but they provide a more detailed measurement of what sort of problems you have.

To find out where you can get this sort of assessment, you might want to try the following resources:

  • If you are a college student, your college or university should have a student services office that can refer you for testing.
  • If you are in the military, testing for learning disabilities may be available free of charge and you should speak to a supervisor.
  • Contact your local Adult Literacy Group as you may be entitled to low or reduced cost testing.
  • Specialists who are qualified to diagnose dyslexia or other learning disabilities include Clinical, Research or Educational Psychologists, School Psychologists and Neuropsychologists.

The DRT Clinic can provide assessments to help with visual problems associated with reading. We can also provide assistance to help employees and employers in the workplace.