I've heard about colour filters. Can they help?

Many people with dyslexia experience visual difficulties. They complain that letters blur, "fizz", move around or go double, the page glares and reading gives them headaches. These symptoms interfere with identifying and ordering letters correctly. This is usually not detected by a standard optician's tests, which only assess focussing. But there is now strong evidence that viewing text through deep yellow or blue coloured overlays or glasses can usually improve these visual symptoms; they steady visual attention and improve eye control. Thus they have been shown to help most visual dyslexics with their reading.

When your child is reading:

  1. Do the letters or words often go fuzzy or blurry?
  2. Do the letters or words move around?
  3. Do the letters or words seem to split into two "double vision"?
  4. Does reading make his/her head ache?
  5. If s/he says yes to any of these questions you should get her eyes seen bydrtorthoptics@yahoo.co.uk or checked by an optician to see whether viewing through dark blue or dark yellow filters gets rid of the problems.
  6. To discover more about whether this treatment might help your child, please click here