Dyslexia - Facts & Figures

20% of children in UK & USA leave school unable to read properly, but only half these are dyslexic. The others have usually suffered general disadvantage, low family support and poor teaching.

Thus 10% of children (3/4 million in the UK; 3½ million in the USA) of all social groups have dyslexia.

75% of convicted criminals are illiterate

10 million people in Britain could benefit from our work!

Dyslexia is the most common cause of childhood loss of self-confidence. It can lead to misery, depression and even suicide. Sometimes the frustration leads to vandalism, violence and criminal behaviour. Dyslexia accounts for a majority of school children with special educational needs and is by far the commonest cause of disability among University undergraduates

Yet dyslexics are often highly talented in everything except reading and spelling; if they survive their education, many become successful in the arts, commerce or engineering. Therefore, the DRT is also committed to discovering the positive aspects of dyslexia.